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Whistling Through The Graveyard


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17 Responses to Whistling Through The Graveyard

  1. Marc (The Shark) Adamchek

    Tough subject, too easy to make it sentimental, maudlin or self-serving; all of which you avoid. Good lyrics, treat the subject with respect but also keep it airborne – never get “heavy” so the song moves along. Great whistling fade out too.

  2. Marc (The Shark) Adamchek

    I just did, I’m trusting the electronic box to have kept it because I ain’t writing it over.

  3. Marc (The Shark) Adamchek

    I just listened to “bus” and couldn’t reply. Asked me if I was already a member, what my password was, etc. I guess stopping to eat dinner was a big mistake for my burgeoning Rock Critic career.

  4. Joe C.

    Go Tom! Love this song! Joe C.

  5. Tom Savoy

    To Marc, Try it again. I think the large insects have been removed from the site, so it should be fine now. And as Wes knows, I whistle quite a bit on demo tracks. Keep listening, and writing.

    To Joe, Again thanks.

  6. Corlene Roberts

    It’s nice to finally get to hear you. Great vocals and awesome writing.

  7. tom savoy

    Corlene, Thank You.

  8. roger salloom

    Hey Tommy,
    Just listened to Graveyard, great sound, well done, moody,
    cerebral to which I relate.

  9. tom savoy

    Hey Roger,

    Thanks for the listen, the weigh in and the comment. Are we moody,cerebral guys? “Why, yes, Eve. I Understand”, says Chauncy Gardiner.


  10. Diane

    Hi Tom,

    Just got done listening to your songs. Enjoyed them. I particularly liked whistling through the graveyard. Keep them coming!

  11. tom savoy

    Hey Diane,

    Thanks. I like that one, too. Particularly close to the heart. I’ll see you at your opening, the first of many, right? And no, I never said any of those things Wes teased you about. He’s so funny.

  12. Thom Pease

    Thats one…
    Since I never break my word..”I am listening
    to “Whistling Through the Graveyard”
    Dawn just came in..”She liked it!..
    Please send her a link to
    Break a leg..Thom Pease

  13. tom savoy

    Hey Thom,

    No broken legs after this winter. Any thoughts?
    Thanks for listening. Is Dawn a reference to the time of day, or a female in your life?

    Tom, sans “h”

  14. Joe C

    Tom, I’ve listened to this song at least 10 times now, but for some reason today the lyrics screamed out at me like never before!!!! Great job! Joe C.

  15. tom savoy

    Hello Joe,

    That means something coming from a lyricist like yourself. It’s old musical content I’ve been playing for years as an instrumental, with newer lyrics.

    I miss my friend.


  16. Joe Carvalho

    Tom, Awesome tune! Vocals and harmonies are perfect for this. Guitar and percussion excellent as usual! – Joe Carvalho, guitarist for Eva Cappelli & The Watershops Band

  17. tom savoy

    Hello Joe,

    Thank you. Rich Adelson did a nice job on drums on this tune, didn’t he? And Wes’ production is world class as well.

    Gave me chills the first time I heard the master.


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