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Cool Love

Whistling Through The Graveyard

Underneath The Bus

Wonderful One

Kickin’ A Can (Down The Road)

One Old Love

American Rhumba

As We Go Between

Country Soul

Different Sky

Rising Song

(Talkin’ About) Peace On Earth

Heaven’s Tears

Sunny Days

I Like Her Style

It’s Own Sweet Time

I’m With You

Another Try

What A Father Knows

Love Is The Glue

Uncharted Water

On All The Souls

Season Of The Angel

A Little Smile

Taking a Holiday

Hand of Forgiveness

Vapor Trails

Pretty Maiden


Into View

Ain’t It the Truth

Highway Lines

Glad That I Know You

Beauty Is Surviving In This World

Sunny Days

Flesh and Blood

She Keeps Bothering Me

Stick Around

Own Skin

She Keeps Bothering Me

This Love’ll Never Change

Paha Sapa (The Black Hills)

Magic Woman

The Coming Christmas Time

With You In Mind

Up And Down

Ramble Onward to Babylon

Summer Night Stroll

After You

Bigger Mistake

Instruction Book

October Sun

Whispers In THe Dark


Trip Around The Sun

River To The Sea

Slow Dancer

Music Done Saved a Life

Best Laid Plan

Golden Egg

Cookie Jar

Midnight Train

Sunny Days (Again)

Chance of a Lifetime

What You Can Do


(Better) After You

Friday Afternoon

Good Things

Whispers in the Dust II

Along The Way

Beat of the Heart

Soul Radio Station

Season Of The Angel

Halfway To The Moon

Hot And Cold


Flesh and Blood II

For All The Souls