I’m a performing and recording music artist and a singer/songwriter residing in Western Massachusetts, appearing regularly at musically oriented regional venues mostly solo accompanied by acoustic guitar and stomp box. My repertoire exceeds 1000 songs, encompassing a wide range of musical styles from pop, folk, rock, alt and country that pique interest among particular audiences with broad, “deep cut” and B side tastes. Years back a friend described my setlist as  “hipper than thou”. 

As an original recording artist and multi-instrumentalist, my longtime producer/friend Wes Talbot and I partnered and built a large catalog of self penned song recordings over time. It was a unique process that employed two studios, all beginning in Studio 81 where I wrote the music and lyrics while recording all the instruments and vocals. When completed, those tracks were transferred to Wes’ studio for discussion (!), mixing and final mastering. There are currently 70+ mastered recordings offered in high resolution MP3s posted here on my website.


In 2016, Wes and I announced the formation of the publishing Company Twelve Days Apart Publishing (BMI) while releasing 4 full length albums on CD, each featuring 13 original nicely mastered song recordings with printed lyrics and tasty packaging.

Very sadly while working on the completion of our fifth 14 song album, Higher Road, Wes passed away after a long illness. But with all the album’s music tracks completed, I reconnected with producer/friend Dave LaSalata, who miraculously mixed and mastered the final 3 songs to complete the album and honor Wes’ legacy and last music work. Chris Woods once again spearheaded all artwork and graphic production.

All 5 albums are available at live shows, or at the Store above.