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Tom Savoy is a performing music artist, singer/songwriter residing in Western Massachusetts. He’s played well over a thousand shows in regional venues (including nearly 500 at the Lion’s Den in Stockbridge), mostly as a solo singer accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and stomp box. His extensive repertoire exceeds 1000 songs that uniquely mine a wide range of musical styles, from pop, folk, rock, alt and country, piquing audiences with very broad tastes.

As an original multi-instrumentalist recording artist, Tom and longtime producer/friend Wes Talbot have built an ever expanding catalog of self penned song recordings over the years. In a unique relationship employing two studios, the process begins in his Studio 81 where Tom writes all music and lyrics while recording all instruments and vocals. When ready, those tracks are then transferred to Wes’ studio for final mixing and mastering. There are currently 70+ mastered recordings offered in high resolution MP3s posted at

In 2016, Tom and Wes formally announced the formation of their own publishing Company, Twelve Days Apart Publishing (BMI), and released 4 full length CDs, each featuring 13 original superbly mastered song recordings with full printed lyrics and tasty packaging. That “Box Set” is available in “The Store”at , or at live shows. A fifth fourteen song CD, Higher Road, is currently in production and due for release very soon.