As We Go Between


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17 thoughts on “As We Go Between”

  1. Hey JK,

    I recommend at least some form of night light after listening to any of these tunes. And I’m not sure exactly, but I don’t think Rich wrote this one. Thanks for the guitar comment; I like ’em, too.

    TS to JK

    Hi Mike,

    I always thought guitar harmonics deserved their own song. Or at least entire verses.

    Thanks, and keep crankin these up high to really appreciate Wes’ work.


  2. Rich didn’t write this song? You wrote the whole thing yourself? Including the concept, title and lyrical punchline? You, yourself? I would have thought Rich had written that, or someone else. Oh well… The whole thing is bloody good.

  3. Hey Marc,

    That’s the Orchard spirit! I’ve got folders of phrases I’ve collected, and this title was one of your phrases that seemed to fit the music. So, thank you. Not sure if you sat with me working the guitar and bass lines, the lyrics, the vocal melodies and/or singing it. If it’s a hit, you’ll taste. Or should I just deduct it from your loan balance? Glad you think it’s bloody good.

  4. Just tryin’ to keep you honest, Tom. I know how success can go to peoples’ heads. And you know it ain’t about the “taste”. And it IS bloody good! in fact, I think it could well be the best song on the site thus far. And you know I’ve liked others. Ooops! Soorry, it’s a little slippery here in the hot tub, ‘specially when it’s under the L.A. skies.Ciao!

  5. Marc,
    This one stood out from the very beginning, all the way back to Tom’s rough guitar sketches.
    I just tried to stay out of the way of it.

  6. Wes – right. I popped in to see Tom at FRG a few months ago and he played me 4 bare bones “sketches” out in his car. They were all good, but this one just zipped out from the get-go. But now that I’ve got your ear, Mike S and I were just talking about the sound you guys have been getting “fleshing out” the material. Really phenomenal. Othere have commented likewise. Looks, or rather SOUNDS like everyone’s been on their toes. A job well done all around!

  7. I’ve always liked this one….since it was still just the guitar part….or I guess I could say by far AND so far!! haha

  8. I really want to see this live. The harmonics require such a light and precise touch and going in between those and straight guitar would be fun to watch. I love how you put it together and wrapped a great melody around it and in between there is a great message.

  9. Hey Mike,

    And just for the record, the acoustic is all one take of one performance.

    I appreciate your insights greatly. Really looking forward to meeting your hand made guitar.


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