Whistling Through The Graveyard


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6 thoughts on “Whistling Through The Graveyard”

  1. Hey Sammy,

    We think this whole song and recording did a nice job melding lyric and music. The whole process also helped me clarify thoughts about what my friend went through and did, and its affect on those around him.

    Thanks kindly for the listen and writing.

    Tommy Boy

  2. Hey Mikey,

    Thanks much. Wes really does key in on my bass playing… which I started playing with you after I bought a Rickenbacker in 1976.


  3. Thomas,
    Been listening to this every day for a week. For me it’s a masterpiece capturing the profound sadness of the situation. Such beautiful poetry matched with the recording. Went straight to my heart. It’s a topic with no answers. Have a friend who attempted suicide last year. She’s still here with no spark. We never know why some have it and some don’t. Thanks for a real thought provoking gem.

  4. Carole,

    There’s not been many “comments” that have brought tears to my eyes like yours just did. We are among the lucky who love to live for the life.

    Thank you. It’s a long road from you listening in on me as a toddler playing and singing in the sandbox… but oddly probably not that different.

    Lil’ Bro

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