Chance of a Lifetime


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4 thoughts on “Chance of a Lifetime”

  1. Hey,

    Were those lyrics for me? Simple conversation was how it all started for Jim and me. I’m trying not to pass all the chances every day.

    Thanks, and love to all the Savoys past and present.

  2. Hey Mary,

    I thought those lyrics were for me. Although as a songwriter, I’m also kinda hoping they’re written for about 6 billion other folks as well.

    And lots of love back.

    Your Bro-in-law forever,


  3. I like the groove again, gee Tommy your doing just feel on those drums too, I think my groove, rubs off on you ! Kudo’s to you my Friend ! another fine one.

    Stan the man

  4. Hey Stan,

    Thanks kindly. Are you sure I’m not rubbing off on you?

    Looking forward to playing billed as The Savoy Band, featuring Stan Knappe.


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