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Peace On Earth


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9 Responses to Peace On Earth

  1. mike Parsons

    Every song that you’ve done is great. However, they are very controlled. It would be fun to hear something that is out of control. Something crazy. Outside the box. Something dirty. Maybe live You have established your genre now F up our heads I know that you can. Just saying………..

  2. tom savoy

    Hey Mike,

    I guess the concept of “crazy” and “contol” are all personal. Based on where this biz has been for a while, this lyrical and musical content is kinda out there and crazy, no? I get your point, though. Stay tuned.

    What do you think of these last 2 tunes?

    Thank you, Mike.


  3. Ron Craig

    Tom, Nice job on those 2 songs! I really like the electric (les paul?)…
    Also, it was great jumping in with you a few weeks ago….later!

  4. tom savoy

    Hey Ron,

    Yeah, that was Les. He gets great tone, don’t he?
    Thanks for the write in.

    It was fun playing as well. We might want to talk about a few tunes for next time.


  5. Joe C

    What a great change up as compared to Heaven’s Tears. I love a great change up!!!!!

    Joe C.

  6. tom savoy

    Hello Joe, Whaddya Know,

    It is a bit of a Googling peace.

    More rockers comin on soon. Thanks for the weigh in.


  7. Joe Carvalho

    Another one of my favorites! Love the harmonies. -Joe Carvalho, Eva Cappelli & The Watershops Band

  8. tom savoy

    Hello Joe,

    Thanks kindly for the weigh in. I know you just started listening, but keep listening. More surprises on the way.


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