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Love Is The Glue


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6 Responses to Love Is The Glue

  1. James

    Love the reggae feel.. but it’s a great hooky pop song!

  2. Baruch de Spinoza

    Reggae at last!! Great song!!

  3. tom savoy

    Hello James,

    Glad you’re liking it. Keep on writing, we appreciate it.


  4. tom savoy

    Hey Bobbie Baruch,

    It’s reggae? I’m going to have to redirect the band. We were going for a raga feel.

    Thanks for listening and your comments.


  5. S.E.A. Biscuit

    Hey, pal, watch how you use the word glue.

  6. tom savoy

    Hello Mr. Ed,

    Awww Wilber. Always been partial to Paliminoes. I guess we don’t want to get into anything serious here.


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