Friday Afternoon


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14 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon”

  1. LOVE this! It’s a toe-tapping, sing-along and get up and dance kind of tune. And it kind of reminds me of how I feel when I hear “Feelin’ Groovy.” And now I want to leave work early tomorrow!

  2. Hey Mary Ann,

    Pada-pada-pada… “Feeling Friday”, even if it’s Wednesday night. Thanks kindly, really looking forward to seeing you and Rog in AZ Land.


  3. YEs I needed up beat today. I also heard a touch of Mike Nesmith and ELO Mr Blue Skies….
    EVERYONE TAP YOU TOES. More up temp songs if you please HSW

  4. Hey Stan,

    One of Wes’ mixes and masters for this tune (not the one posted), was very, very NRBQ ish. But we went with this one, and for you it’s still NRBQ. So, that’s pretty cool.

    Thanks, Stan,


  5. Hey Mary,

    Wow. Our first Hullabaloo sighting! I think the lyrics are a little less happy than the music…the view of the protagonist is that the time is not his/her own.

    But happy it is.



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