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(Sometime It Just) Happen Like it Do


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16 Responses to (Sometime It Just) Happen Like it Do

  1. zack

    Nice tune Mr. Tom … “big boom” !?!?!?! .. thanks for sharing ..

    let’s see …

    if Sherlock Holmess and Alber Einstein were trying to have a hang.
    They’d disagree on everything from love to the big bang

    no … I like “boom”

  2. j

    i know what you are saying – remeber when they told us that beers was bad for us?

    song do skate along on a nice grove.

  3. j

    heck i shouldn’t post right after i get up.

    i know what you are saying – remember when they told us that beers was bad for us?

    song do skate along on a nice groove.

  4. tom savoy

    Hey Zack,

    Thanks for the listen and comment.

    It isn’t “The Big Boom Theory”? Uh oh… back to the drawing board.

    I better renew my poetic license.


  5. tom savoy

    Hey J,

    You’re probably right about posting after getting up. I think all beer is bad for you, except Peak, right?


  6. stan knappe

    Hey Tom, even Stan likes it too love me do or happen like it do ? That’s right.

  7. Tom Savoy

    Hey Stosh,

    Glad you like it, you complete pest.


  8. stan knappe

    OOOOh, almost that time again my friend !

  9. stan knappe

    And whoooo’s playin drums?

  10. Tom Savoy

    Hey Stan,

    Dat be me. Yup. Same on all the recordings since last Spring.


  11. stan knappe

    well, well, hey now! all on that little kit in your basement that I saw? I’ll have to try it!
    Very good Tommy, you get an A

  12. Mr. Joe

    Hey Mr. Tom, love it!!!! Best written song to date!!!!
    Mr. Joe

  13. Tom Savoy

    Hello Joe,

    Wow.Best written song to date?

    Why thank you.


  14. Carole Savoy

    Wow! So complex. Love all the layers of instruments adding to the vocals. Need to listen many more times. Certainly hear the Fab Four influence. Great job!

  15. Tom Savoy

    Hey Carole,

    Wow. Which Fab Four? It is a bit complex, but with actually not many instruments (2 keys, one guitar, one bass, drums), and some harms and backgrounds.

    Keep listening to it, and try playing it backwards…Wes buried are some secret messages about my rumoured death. Cranberry sauce.

    Thanks for the listens and insights.

    Bro Tom


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