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Music Done Saved A Life


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9 Responses to Music Done Saved A Life

  1. Barry Hayes

    Nice job, Tom,
    It even sounds pretty good on my phone (a little
    thin and trebly)but you nailed the feeling. I hear
    ya. It did the same thing for me, without a
    Thanks for sharing and for keepin’ on keepin’ on.
    Le Chaim!
    Bas O’Hayes

  2. tom savoy

    Hey Bass (I thought it had 2 “s”s),

    Thanks for listening. Glad it’s always done the same for you.

    Stay in touch. Happy Rosh.


  3. Mike serafino

    Love it……..the syncopation makes it! Love it”

  4. tom savoy

    Hey Mikey,

    Thanks, Mikey. Glad you like it. Us, too.

    The Syncowho?

  5. Mary Savoy

    Hi Tom,

    Very nice. Really tugs at my heart strings. It’s amazing how music can invoke feelings of happiness and sadness.

  6. tom savoy

    Hi Mary,

    It’s really true, ain’t it. And I hope it always will be an invoker of such for those that can and will be affected.

    Thank you, Mary. Hope the paw heels fast.


  7. Mr. Joe

    Mr. Tom,
    Love it!
    No other words, love it!!!!
    Mr. Joe

  8. Mr. Joe

    Mr. Tom,
    Love it!!! There are no other words love it!!!
    Mr. Joe

  9. tom savoy

    Hey Joe,

    A double entry, you must doubly love it.

    Thank you, Joe.


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