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It’s Own Sweet Time


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6 Responses to It’s Own Sweet Time

  1. Natalie

    THis sounds like a summer evening song on a pouch (by a pool?) just sitting and nodding along! Love it dad!

  2. Natalie

    ok ok not a pouch but a porch 🙂

  3. tom savoy

    Hey Natalie (Mia’s mom),

    We’ve gone out of our way to try and provide a kangeroo friendly listening environment, and have seen a number of them on their front porches, sitting in rockers and cranking this tune.


  4. Joe C

    I’m toe tapping, toe tapping baby! Really like this one! Joe

  5. tom savoy

    Hello Joe,

    Thank you, Joe. Now, at the same time you’re tapping your toes, we need ya to add some foot stomping on the 4. Try it.

    Glad you kept your top up on this one.


  6. Joe C

    I’m a stomping Tom!!! I’m a stomping!!!

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