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Flesh and Blood


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6 Responses to Flesh and Blood

  1. Mr. Joe

    Mr, Tom,


    Mr. joe

  2. tom savoy

    Hey Tony,

    A little lengthy in your review, but we appreciate it grrrrrrrreatly!


  3. Carole Savoy ril 23rd 5pm!

    This really hits home. As an elder with no childhood electronic devices, we chose the fun of make believe and played outside all day. It was grand.
    Great to hear your voice and beautiful harmonies. Love the mix. Need to listen again and again. Great job.

  4. Corlene Roberts

    Very nice Tom and so true…

  5. Tom Savoy

    Hey Carole,

    Thanks kindly. Kind of like the opposite of the Seinfeld concept…a song about something. It is a good sounding record as well, eh?

    Lil’ Tom

  6. Tom Savoy

    Hey Corlene,

    Glad you listened. Certainly rings pretty true for me these days, and glad it does for you, too.

    Thank you,

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