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Pretty Maiden


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6 Responses to Pretty Maiden

  1. Michael serafino

    Ok Tommy Boy. I like all your songs. But this tune is TREMENDOUS!!!!
    Wow! Your best vocal and vocal arrangement yet.

  2. tom savoy

    Hey Mikey,

    I know where your bar is set at, so Wes and I thank you very much. It is a pretty exciting level of work these tunes are bringing out, eh?

    My (our) deepest thank you.

    Tommy Boy

  3. L. Richie

    Shucks, Tom, I wish I could write romantic lyrics that well.

  4. tom savoy

    Hey Lionel,

    But you did. And so many. While you were dancing on the ceiling.

    Thanks, Bobbo.


  5. Mike Parsons

    It’s Friday night. This week was by far my worst week in my career that I can remember. Today being the toughest. Just as I thought I was going to escape to the weekend I got a call that my mother was on the way to the hospital. I laid down on my living room floor and listened to your music. I just let the beauty saturate me while I healed. Thanks You have a gift and you have been responsible with it. I often say that talent is wasted on the talented, but that’s not the case with you.

  6. tom savoy

    Hello Mike,

    Hope your mom is ok. Somehow, in what you just described, it reminded of two of our tunes, Another Try and I’m With You.

    What a beautiful note, my deepest thanks. And I’m sure Wes appreciates it as well. You’ve been there since the beginning of my reawakened writing gene, listening closely, I know.

    I am grateful to the Great Mystery for allowing me to be affected, and to affect in return. To me, it is art, and life.

    I’ll pray for your mother. Mine left 13 years ago, and visits me from time to time.

    Thank you again, Mike.

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