Trip Around The Sun


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9 thoughts on “Trip Around The Sun”

  1. Nice, Tom. Let be sure to get together before we make that trip one more time. As you know we are all riding on the same “bus”. ~Sam

  2. Hey Sammy,

    Tanx for the listen and comment. Come up with a date and place, and we’ll get together. Before a bit more rust settles on our fenders.


  3. Hello Joe, Whaddya Know,

    Thanks kindly, my friend. You heard some early versions. Wes did some very nice production work on this one, for sure.


  4. Hi Tom,

    Very nice melody. Sounds more like the perspective from which I should view each passing birthday, each passing year.

    I’m working toward moving from taking one day at a time to taking one year at a time.

  5. hey Mary,

    And those years seem to blow on by pretty quickly, eh? Time to open another bottle of wine.

    Love, Tom

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