For All Those Souls


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14 thoughts on “For All Those Souls”

  1. Hello Mary,

    Not to sound too egoish, but that’s me doing all music and vocals, all 27 tracks worth. Saves time, if a writer can play several instruments and sing (me on a good day). And of course, it also allows one to write “on the fly”.

    We all rejoice in what uplifts, and keeps the spirit moving.

    Thank you,

  2. I agree with all…….wicked good harmonies. Isn’t it cool how we blend so beautifully with ourselves. Very few could do this as well. Joni Mitchell
    The Carpenters and Tom Savoy………..( Ok, maybe a couple more )
    Good job. HSW

  3. Hey Peter,

    Great meeting you at Fort Hill, after all those talks years ago. Thanks for the listen and comments, and I hope to see you soon.


  4. Hey Helen,

    Hope all is well in the Midlands.

    Yeah, Richard Carpenter was an amazing harmony singer,as well as Karen. But her lead voice might be one of the most emotive I’ve ever run into.

    Your citing of the harmony company is humbling.

    Thank you,

  5. Hey Big Sis (Lil’ Sis?),

    Thanks very much. Mom was a mover, no doubt; sometimes we call Natalie “Meme Jr.” for her energy level.

    Wes did do a nice job on the mix and master, and all those musicians played well throughout all the tracks. Wait? Who?


  6. Tom, whatever the origins of the song, a very nice pensive piece about the ethereal comings and goings of our lives. Very near a prayer. Thanks Tom

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