Keep It Going

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13 thoughts on “Keep It Going”

  1. “Keep It Going” just journeyed me back to the AM Gold of the 70’s, and that’s about my favorite place to be. Thanks man. Great song.

    1. Love this song, Tom even though the first time I heard it I cried. Now when I listen to it it makes me think fondly of my brother and the joy that the two of you brought to so many through music. It definitely reminds me to appreciate my good friends!

  2. Hello Paula,
    Thank you, Paula, for your comments as we both miss him so much. So appreciative of our deep connection…Michael actually introduced me to Wes. The joy will continue, as he would have wanted. See you soon.

  3. Thanks, Rog, for the listen. There are quite a few layers to Keep It Going, so I’d like to think it fairly naturally asks for multiple listens.

  4. Hey Tom, Great song. Have been thinking about you recently and your musical prowess. I have been working on learning to play the guitar for the last 8 months or so. And I am finally close to playing my first song. New appreciation for guitarists as it requires not only manual dexterity, great concentration plus a ton of practice. All the best. Stan

  5. Hey Stan, thank you for the listen and comments. So glad you’re committing to the guitar; it’s a great thing on any and all levels. I discover new things every time I play even after decades of playing…and I don’t even really read music anymore. Keep It Going also obviously relates to Jim, who we both miss. He was such a socializer and loved coming to my gigs and “mixing” when he was in town; we always joked about being identical twins separated at birth.

  6. It’s a good friendship song, and I like the way the song and lyrics flow , so I’ll definitely Keep It Going, my

  7. Hey Stosh,
    And you and I have been playing music and keeping our friendship going for a long time, sharing some amazing show experiences. Let’s make more, why not Keep It Going.

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