On All The Souls


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10 thoughts on “On All The Souls”

  1. Hey Mikey,

    Thanks for the listen and weigh in. Yeah, those voices build nicely, don’t they?

    Stay tuned. A ton in the can.


  2. Hey Diane,

    Nice meeting you last night. Thanks for the listen and your heartfelt comments.

    Hope to see you at Ghepetto’s again. And you’ll get to play that Gibson again.


  3. Hey Tommy :

    I absolutely love this song. Would love to come north to enjoy you “live”!!! Keep that creative mind working… Miss you..

  4. Hey Maureen,

    Hope all is well down in engaged land. I thank you for the listen, and even more for connecting with it. We really like this tune, too.

    Tons more in the pipeline. I do love doing this.


  5. Hello Anonymous,

    Maybe I’ll just go by multiple alias’ as well. Although, that would require a ton of domain names.

    Thanks, RACprint.


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