American Rhumba


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9 thoughts on “American Rhumba”

  1. Hey Thom with an h,

    Neither Ravi Shankar nor Kenny G could make the session due to weather.

    Hello Pat,

    Thanks for the listen.

    Hey Paul,

    Always mucho grateful to you.

  2. You really didn’t say dumba? Did you?

    So now — Lynn-Ann is making me take ballroom dance lessons. And guess what? We are now learning the rhumba. I guess we practice to you.

  3. Hey Mike,

    I did say that. Teachers call it “poetic or rhyming license”. Previous to “dumba”, I also said “numba”. Just for the record.

    Guitars are like children. They’re all beautiful in different ways, and there is no favorite. Love ’em equally.

    Quick, quick slow. Get those hips moving.


  4. Hey Mike,

    Tanx for attending, and the comment. I musta been taking a break, cuz I think I missed the tribute. Can’t wait to meet the guitar you’re building.


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