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Whispers in the Dust


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4 Responses to Whispers in the Dust

  1. Francine Weinandy

    Really nice song, Tom. It was a pleasure to meet you today; although sad circumstances. Peace be with you.

  2. tom savoy

    Hello Francine,

    Thanks for the listen. Hopefully Tom will tug on my sleeve sometime soon. He was a real spirit.


  3. Mary Savoy

    As you know I read the lyrics as soon as you wrote them, but only now have had the courage to hear them with your very haunting melody. I can truly empathize. I feel Jim’s presence with me everyday. Thanks for putting my feelings into a song.

  4. tom savoy

    Hello Mary,

    I’m glad you listened, and I hope there are some comforting thoughts in there. I miss Bro James as well, in a different way than you of course.


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