Midnight Train


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6 thoughts on “Midnight Train”

  1. Mr. Tom,
    As I told you when I first heard the early versions of this song, LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Love the imagery of just watching that ‘ole train cruising on by!!!!!! Out………
    Mr. Joe

  2. Yo Joe,

    Tanx kindly. Definitely a picture kinda song. And a nice little 5 piece band makes the whole recording.

    Keep on listening.


  3. Hey Mikey,

    Tanx kindly. yeah, those Pips did a pretty nice job, no?

    And for anybody taking notes, that acoustic riff throughout can only be played in DADGAD tuning.

    And it will be on the test.


  4. Yeah Tommy, you really got me with those back-up vocals and all ! Nice drumming, just enough.
    Train Man !

  5. Hey Stosh,

    Thanks for the listen, and the pro review of the drumming. My latest instrument.

    Wes did a very nice job on the mix and master of the bass and drums, no?


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