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11 thoughts on “Conundrum”

  1. Hey MS,

    Thanks kindly. That’ll be an E minor harmonica…it’ll give it that “When The Levee breaks” feel.


  2. Hey Tom,

    I like this tune very much and the lyrics are very timely for all sides of the
    political spectrum. I hope you can get this out to a wide audience.



  3. Thomas,
    Love your new tune. Sounds so good on my Harbinger speakers. I especially like the bass and percussion. Another perfect mix. And the lyrics………. so pertinent to present craziness. Who would have thought the world would be like this?
    Well done Bro. I need to listen to this several more times. Has such a great groove.

  4. Hey Carl,

    It is a funny lyric. Lefties I know think it’s about the other side, and righties I know think it’s about the other side.

    In this day and age of complete non-focus, that “wide audience” is quite elusive.

    Thank you kindly for the comment.


  5. Hey Carole,

    I think “the times” have pretty much always been crazy (1943? 1968? 2008?). Thinking our times as crazier than others kinda builds our ego, and insults history…if anybody knows or cares about history.

    We all know our tiny worlds is where all the love and hope have always resided.

    Thank you,

  6. Tom, Debbie and I listened to the song last night. We both liked it, but we weren’t sure about the lyrics. So we started to study them and we collected all the data that we could find on the matter, we scoured through the history books. At first even the data sets didn’t agree, but in the end once we fed it them into the computer and collated our conclusions we both agreed the lyrics were contemporary and fitting for our current conundrum. Thanks Tom!

  7. Hey Sammy,

    Julius Caesar reportedly said, “We’re always in this Conundrum!” (Latin for “pressure cooker”). Although, other reports claim it might have been Sid Caesar.

    Thank you for the listen, dissection and comment.


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