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Never Meant To Be


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10 Responses to Never Meant To Be

  1. Carole Savoy ril 23rd 5pm!

    This is such a beautifully crafted song. Very haunting. Great combination of instruments and killer harmonies. I love it! Sometimes sad songs are the best. Will certainly play this many more times. Well done Bro!

  2. Tom Savoy

    Hey Carole,

    It’s funny how these songs have become sort a dialogue for us over quite a long period of time. And it’s pretty cool California to Massachusetts pipeline.

    Thank you for listening.

    Lil’ Bro

  3. Stan Knappe

    Yeah, Tom,

    It’s a dark song with the Lyrics and all, but the
    Harmonies are great. This song should sell. Keep’em
    comin’ Tommy! Like the Vibes too!

  4. tom savoy

    Hey SK,

    We like the heavy duty vibes, too. I hope you’re right about this song selling, but as everybody pretty much accepts, songs/music don’t really “sell” these days. Can’t wait for that to change.

    Thanks kindly, Stan

  5. Mr. Joe

    Best written song of da bunch!

  6. Tom Savoy

    Hey Mr. Joe,

    Why thank you. I hope all is well in the Northland.


  7. Peter Pelland

    Good lyrics, instrumentation, vocal and harmonies. Sounding really smooth!

  8. tom savoy

    Hey Peter,

    I appreciate the listen and comments about the song and its recording.

    I think that’s the first time I’ve been described as smooth. Not that I don’t think that…just that I’ve never heard it before.

    Maybe I can give Buble or Tyrell a run for their money in the smooth arena.

    Thank you, Peter. See you at Fort Hill soon?


  9. Don Samson

    I’m a little late to the listen. Very nice ghosty love song. Some things don’t last but at least they had a bolt. Still better than none.

    Thanks Tom

  10. Tom Savoy

    Hey Sammy,

    Ghosty…I like that. I need more ghosty tunes.

    Quick love is always sad, though, eh?

    Thanks for listening and responding.


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