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Hot And Cold


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10 Responses to Hot And Cold

  1. Mike serafino

    Love the lyrics. And the arrangement. And the vocals. And everything. Keep em coming!

  2. Sue Eytel

    The lyrics really resonate. A nice arrangement as well.

  3. Tom Savoy

    Hey Mikey,

    I appreciate the listen, and your attention to detail. There does seem to be a lot to this one. Even to me.

    Thank you,

  4. Tom Savoy

    Hello Sue,

    Glad you like those elements, Sue. I guess this next CD should be quite good by all accounts.

    Thank you for the listen and the comments.


  5. Carole Savoy ril 23rd 5pm!

    Wow! Beautiful melody. Love the harmonies and use of keyboard. You always instinctively know what instruments will best enhance the melody. Another gem.
    Another perfect mix.

  6. Tom Savoy

    Hey Carole,

    Thanks kindly.

    Wes kinda pulled out the “Revolver” mix for this one.

    And I’m glad you agree with my instincts.

    Lil’ Bro

  7. Paul Stelzer

    Nice mix of harmonies around the melody. Nice mix by Wes!!
    Posted on my Facebook page. Cheers!

  8. Tom Savoy

    Hey Paulie,

    “More wine. Paulie, more wine” (to quote Clemenza).

    Thanks for the listen and comments.


  9. helen

    Excellent harmonies. I really like the bridge. Its so good I won’t jump off of it ! ( Hope that joke isn’t too corny )

    Great mix. Your voice sounds nice and clear. Again, harmonies make it.


  10. Tom Savoy

    Hey Helen,

    And you’re a helluva harmony singer, so thank you.

    Thanks for the listen and comments, and I hope all is well in Milford Land.


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