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14 thoughts on “Paradise”

  1. Well you keep on delivering quality and diverse material ….laying down great tunes and thoughtful poetry …. As you know most all of the juke joints in Nashville have musicians that don’t get paid …but they get heard and every now and then the right people hear something that goes further than the juke joint. “The Savoy’s” should take a Greyhound Bus ( cause that’s how they do it in the movies)…. and get down to Broadway in Music City. Gavin’s college band got invited to cut a CD at the studio that Ray Orbison used in Nashville….I’m thinking you and Wes and families should relocate…..(no I haven’t taken my Meds yet). Love ya ..B

  2. Hello Robert,

    Thank you for the listen, and the comments.You definitely touched on a nerve; the money thing regarding original music has been completely upside down for quite some time in the music biz. Free streaming doesn’t do anything for any songwriter.

    Wes and I have been working on this nearly 70 song catalogue for a while now, and we look toward a hopeful new paradigm; ready made hit songs and recordings about something, ripe for large scale exploitation by the right new “heavy” opportunist, who has vision and ideas beyond this current environment.

    See you in a couple of weeks.


  3. Hey Mikey,

    Thank you, my friend. There are a lot of elements in there, ain’t there? Just ask Wes, the MixMaster, who had a lot to meld. He really brought together the whole choral group, the guitars, and the Fender Rhodes. Not forgetting about the drums and bass. I like it as a record very much, and I like the song as well.

    Tommy Boy

  4. Hello Stan,

    Yup, there it is. A hit record, eh? It ain’t heavy, it’s a master. Wes and I thank you for the listen and comment.


  5. Hey Carole,

    Thanks on the harmonies (I do like coming up with those harmony and background parts), and it is pretty layered (although not many instruments, really). There’s just a lot of ideas in there, all hopefully in support of the lyric/lead vocal. And I think it’s a great mix and master as well.

    Bro Tom

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