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What a Father Knows


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15 Responses to What a Father Knows

  1. Helen SMellin Watermelon

    Good one dude ! I got a tear in my eye. Some fine pickin’ too !

    Your voice sounds relaxed. I like your slow vibrato.

    Song feels personal to you and it comes through. HSW

  2. tom savoy

    Hey Helen,

    Yours is still one of the finest nicknames I’ve ever heard.

    Thanks much for the words on pickin and singin… not the bass playin?. It is a bit personal (the worry, the letting go, etc.), although it has occurred to us that this tune would be a really great one for a good lady singer. TPS

  3. Don Samson

    Tommy, Very nice song, heartfelt and smooth.

  4. Thomas Hobbes


  5. tom savoy

    Hello Sammy,

    Glad you’re listening, and thank you much for the kind words. Hope life is well for you.


  6. tom savoy

    Hello Thomas Robert,

    Thank you, it is pretty, eh? How long have you been an internet anonymous time traveler?


  7. Michael serafino

    Excellent. I can truly relate. Well placed harmonies too!!

  8. tom savoy

    Hey Mikey,

    Thanks kindly. Yeah, those singers are comin along. They seem to be getting better as they spend more time with the guitarists and the bassist. Only a Gemini would know. “It’s getting betta all the time.”

  9. Joe C.

    The guitar is a magical thing in the right hands. Very nice job Tom!!!!! Really makes me think of the great relationship between my Dad and me and me and my three girls. Thanks again Mr. Tom!

  10. tom savoy

    Hey Dr. Joe,

    It brings me great pleasure to hear the tune triggers your own thoughts over 3 generations. Thank you for being affected.


  11. Diane Wheeler

    Beautiful song. Words/guitar work and the most important message : the power of family.!!!

  12. tom savoy

    Hey Diane,

    Thank you again.

    Family is where the story all starts, ain’t it?


  13. Mike

    this. i like

  14. tom savoy

    Hello Mike,

    I’m glad.


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