What You Can Do


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16 thoughts on “What You Can Do”

  1. Love it Tom! Great production and feel. Reminds me a bit of early Steely Dan with backing vocals. Awesome.

  2. Hey Ric,

    Glad you’re diggin it. It started with 2 part backing vocals, but then that real sweet “High-high” one showed up, and I just had to.

    Thanks, Ric.


  3. Hey Patrick and Liam,

    Really cool party, eh? I always love playing with you, Patrick.

    And I’m glad you Back Bayers are diggin’ it big time.


  4. Hey Thom,

    Well, I guess thank you. Not sure Arlo or JWL ever wrote a keyboard based waltz, nor these lyrics, nor composed, played and sang all the parts in any of their recordings, but… Don’t think I ever tried to be anyone else.

    Tom, Without an “H”.

  5. Hello David,

    “Ol’ Home On The Range”…

    Thanks kindly for the listen and comment. Swing away, Merle.


  6. Hey Stanbollama,

    Thanks kindly. Not waltzy, but a real 6/8-er.This one took a bit to flesh out of the fairly sizable band. Not too many fights, though.


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