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Sunny Days


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14 Responses to Sunny Days

  1. Mr. Joe

    Whwere did this song come from?
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great melody Mr. Tom!!!!!!
    Great words!!!!!Mr. Tom!!!!
    Mr. Joe

  2. Mr. Joe

    My favorite as of right this very moment!

  3. tom savoy

    Hey Mr. Joe,

    Mr. Tom is very appreciative of your listen and comments. I’ll bet Mr. Wes is as well. He did a great job on the guitars.

    Thank you,

    Mr Tom

  4. Stan

    Sunny Days is a happy song to play, we’ll try
    it out in November when we play.

    I’m ready…..


  5. tom savoy

    Hey Stan,

    Happy song? Well, I guess it is, ain’t it.

    Thanks for the listen. I’ll relearn it so I can cover my own tune.


  6. Mr. Joe

    I needed a bit of Sunny Days again!!!!!!!
    Love it!
    Thanks Mr. Tom!
    (Yes I do like exclamation marks!!!!!!!!)

  7. tom savoy

    Hey Mr. Joe,

    Hope and change, my man. Hope and change.

    Mr. Tom

  8. Natalie

    Man! That bass line! 🙂

  9. tom savoy

    Hey Honey,

    Yes, he’s quite clever, ain’t he?

  10. Mr. Joe

    I STILL love this song!

  11. tom savoy

    Mr. Joe,

    Yeah, it’s a fun one, eh?

    I like the phrasing.


  12. John Sebastian

    Thanks for reincarnating the Lovin’ Spoonful. Great song. I love the whistling.

  13. tom savoy

    Hello John,

    Boy, you’re all over it, eh? Tanx, ma man.


  14. Mr. Joe

    Mr. Tom, with everything I’ve been through for the past week and a half I love listening to the song thank you for writing it God bless!!!! Joe 4/2/15

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