Beauty Is Surviving In This World


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11 thoughts on “Beauty Is Surviving In This World”

  1. I really like the song, but did you have to use the rhyme “pearl” twice? You coulda used, I don’t know, maybe squirrel, girl, earl (as in Duke, Duke, Duke of…..). Just sayin’

  2. Dear Robert,

    Sure wish you were sitting with me as the words come. But I guess it’s kinda dark and quiet where you are.


  3. I actually kind of liked the reference to the pearl again at the end. The idea that you may stumble, there may be a disaster, but in the end, like that grain of sand, that “accident” as it were, ultimately ends up being a pearl– a good thing in your life, bringing closer to the song. I like it. Makes me want to do a sexy bolero.

  4. Hey Mary Ann,

    I like your analysis; I think it reflects the spirit intended. Glad you like it.

    Now, onto that bolero. Video production starts next week. We need to pick out the best costume.



  5. Hi Tom, I’m enjoying your very user friendly website, Its good to see that you have kept writing all these years. I guess that’s what you do. As always, great vocals and an intelligent pop sensibility. Good luck with spreading the word. Regards from the Fraternity of Humble Sidemen,
    Joel Meginsky

  6. Hey Joel Sideman,

    Great to hear from you. Thanks kindly for the kind words.

    We should get together. Or check my gig dates above; Side Street is pretty cool.


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