Different Sky


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18 thoughts on “Different Sky”

  1. I was soooo tired this morning that I fell asleep listening to Rising Song.
    Sorry. Then I woke the ef up listening to Different Sky. I like that and
    good tempo too.

    One thing I really really like is your songs sound like their titles. Does that make sense ?

    I like the titles. They are unique. Keep writing tunes dude ! HSW

  2. Hey Helen,

    Hope you’re feeling better. Thanks much for the titles matching songs observation. I think that’s an important part of the process of songwriting.

    Hey Em,

    I just posted it, and it’s still your favorite. Must be like time travel. Thanks for the weigh in.

    Hey Stevebollama,

    A little wordy, but thanks for the listen. Nice beard, Charlie Brown.

    Hello Diane,

    I do like rockers. Thanks, and I’ll see you Sunday.

  3. Hey Mike,

    Glad you like it. Hope you cranked it. All the band members can be pretty subtle, n’est-ce pas? Thanks.

    TS (line 1)

  4. so i thought the harmonic song was my fav…but this one might be pushing it out….Can they both be my favorite?

  5. This song has guts. Gritty lead vocal marches to the sound of a new rock sound and is followed by sweet background vocals. I kept trying to visualize what the background vocalists look like. I couldn’t get a good visual. The guitar work is also sweet. Nice work.

  6. Hello Mike,

    The background vocalist looks very much like the guitarist, lead vocalist and bass player. Not sure I’d use the word “attractive”. Maybe “sweet”. Humble.

    Thanks. It was a blast recording, I must say. A middle 8 bar nod to Jimi.


  7. This is a classic! No one will stay in their seat for long… the house will just have to get up and dance to this one, dude! Great lyrics fro a drivin’ tune like this – Joe Carvalho, guitarist for Eva Cappelli & The Watershops Band

  8. Thanks again, Joe,

    Yeah, it’s a bit of a rocker. And thanks for the lyric nod as well. Will you be playing more at Wes’ Christmas party this year?


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