The Latest Album, #5



My latest 14 song album/CD Higher Road is available (with hand signed lyric booklet) at live shows as well as the above Store. We’re really happy with the sound quality and the look of the entire package. My four previously released full length albums are also still available in limited supply.

Also, you can now listen to the entire Higher Road album by clicking the YouTube channel link below. 

To listen to a single original song from my catalog list on the right, click on one, then click play and the lyrics. For a proper full experience, increase the volume to 11+. Positive or negative, all your feedback is appreciated, so please feel free to leave me a comment. 

As always, the above LIVE SHOWS! remains the most up to date source to check out all upcoming venue performances.

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13 thoughts on “The Latest Album, #5”

  1. I have had a cold / flu and been miserable until I got this email.

    You cheered me up. Very professional. Your voice records beautifully.

    I WILL visit often to see and hear whats new. I am very proud of you.

    More songs please. love Helen

  2. Hey Helen,

    We hadn’t thought of the medical side of producing music. Hope you feel better, and I appreciate your listen and insights.


  3. Fantastic tunes Tommy. Been fun listening to them through production stages. Friends, I suggest you turn the volume up and take a Sunday drive. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Hello Deb,

    Thanks kindly. They do drive well, don’t they? I do believe Wes has made some very fine records of these songs. A ton more still in the till!


  5. Well Mr Talented does it again.
    Love is the Glue Woo hoo ! Like that one a bunch. Makes
    me want
    to get out my Elmers and stick some dreadlocks on my head !

  6. Loving the country flare of course.. Great tunes Tommy !! Glad you are feeling better too !! Love ya..

  7. Saw Tom and his daughter last night, it is great that they can share their love of music in this way. I really enjoyed listening to them as I hadn’t heard him in awhile. It was just what I needed

  8. Hey so glad to see you again with your trio .. love your daughter…see you at Lions Den when I get there schedule.. your are awesome!!!!

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