Soul Radio Station


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7 thoughts on “Soul Radio Station”

  1. No, selfies couldn’t possibly replace any soul songs. The groove is EVERYTHING. Great harmonies again. Great job.
    Had someone in my studio yesterday from New York who mentioned that she often visits Stockbridge. When I mentioned that you have played for many years at the Red Lion, she said, I’ve seen Tom Savoy there more than once. Ha ha. The world is so small. Have many New Yorkers here. Of course she loved your show.

  2. Hey Carole,

    Thanks kindly. Very cool about your studio visitor; I think I’ve now played at the Red Lion well over 400 times since 1992. A great spot; was just there with the Savoy Trio last Saturday, and it was a killer night.

    Lil’ Bro Tom

  3. At the Soul searching station Radio I find this Waltz
    beat groovin’ to this song. Very Nice. We’ll have to try this one out, hmm.

  4. Hey Staush,

    Yeah, we like this one very much. A lot going on, and the backgrounds and harms are pretty involved. A neat little story of remembrance, and a bunch of heroes and influences noted in the lyrics.

    And man, they really could play and sing.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Stan.

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