Whispers in the Dust II


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9 thoughts on “Whispers in the Dust II”

  1. Hey Stan,

    One of my only tunes that speaks about death. The great mystery, the next life.

    Thanks for the listen, and comments.


  2. I like your brighter vocals on this mix better than those on the original version. They reflect better my now better outlook on life without Jim, whom I still love, miss, and think of every day.

  3. Hello Mary,

    And you always will. I miss him, too.

    The vocals are actually the same ones as are on the previous release; it’s the electric guitar, drums and bongos that are different, and they really help to open up the original vocals. I think we’ve revisited four tunes to date, and just a few parts played a little differently can make a big change.

    Thanks for listening, and writing.


  4. Hello Carole,

    Glad you like this relook…we do, too. It’s actually the same vocal performance, except this one doesn’t have an effect on it. And I love the bongos and timbales.

    Thanks kindly,


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