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Halfway to the Moon

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8 Responses to Halfway to the Moon

  1. Carole Savoy pril 23rd 5pm!

    Another great one. I can just hear the tires of the car. Love the mix and the ending howl. Wish I could sing back up. I have the genes.

  2. corlene roberts

    Nice Tom! Finally had a little time to really listen….Will get out to see you one of these days.

  3. Tom Savoy

    Hey Carole,

    Thanks kindly. Definitely a different one, with piano and wurlitzer whirling around. We have jeans as well.

    Lil’ Tom

  4. Tom Savoy

    Hello Corlene,

    Thanks for listening. Just keep an eye on the “Live Shows” section up top on this website. And you should really check out The Savoy Trio.


  5. Mike Serafino

    Love the piano – great change of pace. And the lyric is a new favorite of mine. Keep em coming….

  6. tom savoy

    Hey Mikey,

    My first “Moon” title and “cocoon” lyric in 60+ tunes.

    Thanks kindly for the feedback. Yup, there are more on the way. That 5th CD in the works.


  7. Mr. Joe

    Love it!!!!! Love it!!!!! Love it!!!!! Love it!!!!!

  8. tom savoy

    Hey Joe (Where you gonna run to now?)

    Wow! 4 “Love it”s, and 20 exclamation points.

    We’re glad you love it. We do, too.


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