In The Lion’s Den


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29 thoughts on “In The Lion’s Den”

  1. Such a great song ! Took me right there I have enjoyed all the times I have been there ! Thanks for the continued entertainment

  2. Hey Carole,

    It definitely took a while for that music to flow. We recorded it twice, and liked this one better. Thanks for the listen and comment, I’ll be calling soon.


  3. Hey Maureen,

    I’m glad you’ve experienced The Den. Whatever is going on has always been very cool, no doubt.

    Thanks kindly,

  4. Hey Mike,

    Long time no hear. Hope all is well in da Northland.

    We really worked hard getting that Berkshire swing thing down.



  5. Hey Carl,

    It has been a big part of my life for quite some time. You should check it out sometime.

    Thanks for listening and responding.


  6. PS, why don’t we do it in the Den Everybody will watching us… why don’t we do in i the Den………

  7. Hey Tom, very nice toon, I love the personal stuff. It gives you such a beautiful sense of our “Homeland” and what it feels like to love a place.

  8. Hey Tom, very nice, I love the personal stuff. It gives you such a great sense of your “Homeland”, and what it’s like to love a place.

  9. Hey Stosh,

    I do it solo so far at The Den. To play it 3 piece, we need to rehearse it for sure.

    Tanx for the feedback.


  10. Hey Sammy,

    Yeah, I like to get personal, but hopefully this expands and rings true for a lot of folks who like special places of music.

    Thanks very much for the article and your thoughts.


  11. Tom, starting with Lion’s Den, I spent my morning listening to som of your collection here. Made for a great Sunday morning! Time to pull out my guitar! Great talking with you last night!

  12. Hey Rob,

    Glad you heard this tune, and others. Spend some time from time to time with them…they were written over the last decade.

    It was good chtting last night.



  13. Nice song, Tom. We were in Stockbridge last weekend, visiting TurnPark and social distancing. It seemed so odd to see the streets of Stockbridge so empty, and the Red Lion doing take-out orders from the porch.

  14. Hey Peter,

    I hope all is well with you. Maybe I’ll see you sometime soon at Fort Hill, or In The Lion’s Den. To hear the song.



  15. Hey MP,

    Hope all is well in the Northland.

    Not a lot of dancing anywhere at the Red Lion these days. Not sure when and if….

    Thank you, ma man,

  16. Hey Gary,

    I sure hope we get back there sometime soon. Probably the tightest quarters I play in, but that’s the charm, ain’t it?

    Thanks for your comment, and here’s to our return.

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