Beat of a Heart


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12 thoughts on “Beat of a Heart”

  1. Hello Mikey,

    And they’ll be no nodding in this class. We like the vibe, too. The electric rhythm playing reminds me of Barry Gibbs on Jive Talkin’.

    Wrote and recorded this song in 1984 in Paul Carriveau’s basement on a very out of tune piano.

    Thanks, Mikey.


  2. Wow! I love this tune. I can use it for class warm up. Great drum work, Ringo. Perfect with your strong vocals. Great ending. Wish my heartbeat was even like that. The beat goes on………..and on. So glad you returned to this song.

  3. Hey Carole,

    There’s a lot of ancient ideas that come back on the scene in these 70 or so originals. Yours marks the first Ringo compliment, and my first class warm-up.

    Thanks for listening/liking and the encouragement.

    Lil’ Tom

  4. Hi Tom,

    Great song, great percussion. Reminds me of my own life, (even all our lives) how things can change in an instant.

  5. Hey Mary,

    Things good and bad can happen quickly, that’s for sure.Glad you relate to it; kinda what it’s all about.

    Thanks for listening.


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