River to the Sea


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12 thoughts on “River to the Sea”

  1. Good thing about a one man band is no arguing with the other members.

    Song is a nice swaying mood. Your voice has an extra velvety sound. Have you been eating Ricolla pops ? You also harmonize great with yourself. GO figure.

    Man, you have written a ton of songs. KEEP IT UP DUDE ! Helen

  2. Hey Smellin,

    Thanks for the listen and insights. Hope you are feeling well.

    Actually, there have been some band member arguments, but they die down rather quickly.

    Stay tuned. There are a ton more songs in the cue.


  3. Very nice water planet song Tommy. The winds on Jupiter are about 3,000 miles an hour. This is definitely the best planet in the solar system. So glad to find myself here with you!


  4. Hey Sammy,

    And 3,000 miles an hour is just the average…the airports on Jupiter must have an awful lot of delays.

    Thanks for the listen, and comments. Kind of a water cycle song, eh?


  5. Have really been enjoying your last few hit songs as you roll them out…..yes, production is great but so are the lyrics, music and the performance. You gots the whole package. Apologies for not getting back to you about gigging. It will happen…..we are in demand. Keep it going……..

  6. First time hearing you… very enjoyable. Next time I’m in the Springfield area I’ll have to see if you’re playing somewhere.

  7. Hello Mikey,

    Glad you’re listening, and thanks kindly for the comments. I guess they do sound like hit songs, and it is certainly our wish for them to be actual hit songs or records.

    Let’s gig.


  8. Hello Bill,

    Thanks for listening, and enjoying. In addition to always adding new songs to the catalogue, my upcoming gigs are always posted on this website as well.


  9. Nice way of putting it together “one man band”
    Man it,s country cool. We,ll play more, keep
    smilin’ Tom.

  10. Hi Tom,

    Very nice, peaceful, and true. I do believe that “What goes around, does come around.” Your song really made me think of Jim, well a lot of things do.

  11. Hello Mary,

    Thanks for the listen and comments. I miss Jim, too. Hard to believe it’s coming on a year since he left.


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