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The Coming Christmas Time


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11 Responses to The Coming Christmas Time

  1. Mr. Joe

    Now THIS is a Christmas song!!!! “IS that a snowflake?” Great job Mr. Tom!!!! Mr. Joe

  2. Tom Savoy

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks kindly, Mr. Joseph.

    Clarence….Joseph…Please help Mr. George Bailey…

    I would like to think this IS a Christmas song. And you heard the early instrumental tracks.


  3. Mr. Joe

    Thanks for jumping in to save me!

    Sincerely George Bailey

    PS; and yes IT IS a Christmas song Mr. Tom, and a very good one indeed!

    Mr. Joe

  4. Mr. Joe

    Christmas in August! Gotta love it! I Do!!!!!!!!

  5. tom savoy

    Hey Joe,

    It’s August?


  6. Irving Berlin

    This song will most certainly replace “White Christmas” as the best Christmas song ever. I wish I had written The Coming Christmas Time. Of course, being Jewish, I only had one Christmas song in me.

  7. tom savoy

    Hello Irv,

    So much time travel going on at this website. Even the Christians only have one Christmas song in ’em.


  8. Mr. Joe

    Mr. Tom
    It’s 12/9, and yes i do believe I see a a snow flake falling!!!! I still love this song!!!! Mr. Joe

  9. tom savoy

    Hey Joe,

    I’m glad. Video coming very soon.



  10. helen SMellin Watermelon

    Well that was a warm and fuzzy Christmas delight ! Thank you !

  11. tom savoy

    Hey Heln,

    Me? Warm and Fuzzy? Oh, the video.

    Thanks, Helen, Merry Christmas.


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