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Heaven’s Tears


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8 Responses to Heaven’s Tears

  1. Helen SMellin Watermelon

    Heaven’s Tears is very moody. Nice guitar work. I like the changes.

    REminds me a little of Poetry Man by Phoebe Snow.


  2. Lynn-Ann Parsons

    I detect a female voice in the mix ….. Natalie?? Nice!!

  3. tom savoy

    Hey Helen,

    Moody? But what kind of mood? We were just listening to Phoebe’s first record recently.
    Thanks for the comments.


  4. tom savoy

    Hello Lynn-Ann,

    So far, we’re still just using one vocalist. I think he was just really settling in with his feminine side on this tune. Thank You.

  5. Joe C

    The more I hear this song the more that I love it! What a guitar sound……

  6. tom savoy

    Hey Joe,

    Always appreciate your finely tuned ears, and your time spent with the music. Very glad you’re digging it, and your letting me know.


  7. natalie

    Love the electric at the end and the ooooo oooooo oooooo is different than it seems like it would go. Def interesting and awesome! Way to go dad!!

  8. tom savoy

    Hey Honey,

    Tanx kindly. That Les Paul can make some nice sounds.


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