That I’m With You


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12 thoughts on “That I’m With You”

  1. Hey Tom! What a nice surprise to see 2 new songs this morning. (I know it’s a repeat) I’m tapping my feet as I type this. A litle country? Liking it! Joe

  2. Hey Joe,

    Yeah, kinda country. But we thought at the banks of the Mersey River.

    Thank You, as always. You are a real listener.


  3. Hey Joe C. #2,

    Those are fun changes, yes? Thanks kindly for the listen, and the comments. How’s your CD moving out in the world?


  4. I’m hearing a touch of RIngo in I’M WITH YOU !

    Thats a good thing luv.

    ps Have you ever tried to play it faster ? Not that I know anything about tempo. Just a thought. Like ” THAT THING YOU DO ” dude.

    Keep on recording . HSW

  5. I love “I’m with you”. It’s so hooky. Definitely a winner in AM Top 10, with a bullet. I miss fadeouts. It’s time for them to make a return. This song definitely calls for one. I’m with you, I’m with you…………fade to black.

  6. Hey Helen,

    Hope all is well. You might have a point on the tempo. Truth is, as with all these recordings, we are happy and satisfied with the performances at the time or we wouldn’t release them. Which isn’t to say we wouldn’t treat things differently if we revisited tunes over time. Which we will be.

    Thanks kindly.


  7. Hello George,

    Interesting idea, the fade. We haven’t done one…yet. Thanks for that thought, and the listen.


  8. I agree with Helen. I could totally hear this song on a early Beatles album….but that doesn’t mean I dont’ LOVE it!! Excellent job Dad!!!

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