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Cool Love


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17 Responses to Cool Love

  1. Marc (The Shark) Adamchek

    Nice melody work, and you know how hard melodies seem to have being born these days.

    All of these responses are going to be after first listening only; bear that in mind, you know all about how the “repeated listenings” thang works. First listenings are the toughest to “hear”.

    I definitely heard this as a summer driving song for (don’t shoot me) people in our age bracket. PLEASE Notice I avoided “Baby Boomer” and “Demographic”.

    Back to the melody thang. It’s in my head as I’m writing this and you know how hard it is for a melody to be fresh and different enough to get in one’s head and stay thee after one listening.

    Good work. Oh, I almost forgot; Lyrics work really well with the music flow, and we know how hard that is to pull off. To make it seem simple and effortless is no mean feat.

  2. Jozee76

    Go Tom!!!! Love the songs! Whistling Through the Grave Yard and Kicking a Can Down The Road especially! Keep posting what cha posting! – Joe C.

  3. Patrick

    Certainly my favorite track.

  4. Joe C.

    “Cool Love” is the song that I like more each and every time I hear it! And I liked it the first time I heard it!

  5. Michael Serafino

    I very much agree with ‘The Shark’……he’s soooooo smart…, I LOVE the background vocal arrangement…..

  6. Tom Savoy

    Hey guys,

    To Marc, I appreciate the time, and your insights. Always have.

    To Joe, I definitely appreciate your support of the tunes from the first demos you heard.

    To Patrick, We’ll be working on your pennywhistle track of a ways back at some point. Thanks for the listen.

    To Mikey, background work and harmonies like you and I know well since the last Ice Age. Thank You.

  7. Corlene Roberts

    COOL song!

  8. Mike Parsons

    Great movement between the vocals and bass line. First rate and has great potential for greatness. You have such great vocals that transition from mellow to edgy rock. I thought that this would be a good movie song so I listened to it several times while watching Bo Derrick running down the beach. I liked it.

  9. tom savoy

    Mike, I appreciate your insights greatly. And your time. I think Bo exercises to it… but we’re trying to not drop any celeb names.

  10. DH

    This one works two. it has that walking beat that good songs all have. Fits that over 50 walking pace, thank god i dont walk much any more.

  11. tom savoy

    Hey DH,

    People over 50 walk differently? Are you a closet walkist?

    I like this tune, too. Thank you.


  12. Lynn-Ann Parsons

    You are a very talented musician!! What more can I say? … but have you thought of using others to help with background vocals or instrumentation? I’m available. 🙂 I even might know of some slightly over-weight, very cleavage (ee) women that can sashe (sp) behind you… what you think??? It works for Roy Orbison.

  13. tom savoy

    Hey Lynn-Ann,

    Thanks for the comments, and the weigh in.

    To date, the production team for these tunes is very small (3, soon to be 4), mostly due to time considerations. As the catalogue grows, and hopefully attracts large resources, both time and talent pool size will expand. To date, though, we’ve got an incredible price for, and accessibility to, that guy writing, playing guitar, playing bass and singing. So far, he works for love, and is super cheap.

    Thank you, and keep listening. The next 6 tunes are in the can, and we’re excited.


  14. Joe C

    Here I am again. I really love this song more and more! Joe C.

  15. tom savoy

    Hey Joe,

    Thank you kindly. Glad it’s growing on ya.


  16. mike Parsons

    Do you know a good electronics guy? I loaned out my PA system and it came back not working.

  17. tom savoy

    Hey Mikey,

    Hope your having a nice vacation in the woods of Maine.

    As we chatted of, any of the guys at ATC (Tony’s the owner) in West Springfield are great, and have been really helpful and insightful over the years.


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