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Underneath The Bus


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10 Responses to Underneath The Bus

  1. Joe C.


    Love the new site!! Also, love the “New” Songs! Can’t wait until more are posted!!!!


  2. Patrick

    Great to finally hear the art that has matured from those loops and fragments we listened to in the car.

  3. Tom Savoy

    To Joe and Patrick,

    Yeah, you both heard snippets and early formations in my car. Tons more to come. Thank You.

  4. Corlene Roberts

    Fun song!

  5. Mike Parsons

    In order to be thrown under the bus in this organization you must fill out FORM BUS101. At which point we will evaluate multiple points of merits of the minimal requirements of being thrown under a bus. All decisions are final. Love the song.

  6. tom savoy

    Corlene, Thank You.

    Mike, Can I get the forms online? For free? Glad you love the song.

  7. Bob Cohen

    Hey, Tom. I wasn’t sure about any of these the first time around. Then I remembered to turn my subwoofer on :-).
    My favorites are Underneath the Bus (I love all the do-do in the middle) and American Rhumba (very clever rhymes). Either could be a hit single (is there still such a thing as a hit single? Something tells me NOT).

  8. tom savoy

    Hey Bob,

    There are still hit singles, and the only thing we know for sure is that all singles sound better with a subwoofer.

    Thank you. Now we have a smiley yellow face at the site.

  9. Da.Dempsey.

    Need to get this one out on the web before 2012. I’m not sure I bought a ticket to ride, but I got stuffed in the baggage compt. Maybe you need to do a music video with look alikes and all. I can come up with a bus to use. I feel like “Rider Road Kill” every time I watch CNN.
    Another one that I catch myself listening to when I want to have fun.

  10. tom savoy

    Hey Da,

    Glad you’re having fun with it, despite all the violent imagery. Boom, boom.

    As far as video ideas, you and I both look a little bit like roadkill, so I don’t think we’ll need stand-ins or look alikes; we can play ourselves.

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