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One Old Love


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14 Responses to One Old Love

  1. Marc Adamchek

    My fave after 4 songs. Early part I heard a Lanois “influence/homage” then multi vocals kicked it into some other land, but there was no break in the continuity. Real good one.

  2. Corlene Roberts

    Very nice Tom!

  3. Mike Parsons

    As a young man I had a thing for older women, even with that I married a girl seven years younger then me. So I had to wait… finally she is old enough to be considered One Old Love. It was worth the wait. So is your music. It’s great on the home unit and in the truck. I am working on figuring out how to play this through an old transistor radio.

  4. tom savoy

    Marc, more great analysis. the beats go on.

    Corlene, thanks for the listen.

    Mike, I obviously love when songs trigger different personal responses. Makes you feel like you’re doing your job.

  5. other half/old bald guy

    when i was young i passed up great older gals. now that i’m 72 the 35 year olds are after me. no lie. will not remake the mistakes of the past. bring it on girlies!

    i have it on good authority that mr. savoy was under the influence of peak organic beer during these sessions. sounds good – right.

    this tune is #1 in the set for me. release it to the world.

    hosni ondarun

  6. tom savoy

    Hey JK Hosni,

    If Peak is interested in co-sponsoring recording sessions (with product), I can point them to our Management.

    Glad the youngers are onto you. They should; you are brilliant, after all.

    Thanks for weighing in, and your insights.


  7. Bob Cohen

    OK. I admit it. I can’t stop hearing this song in my head. It won’t go away. I know you did something subliminal here. Don’t deny it. Now you just need to find a million more people to brainwash, and you’ll have a big hit.

  8. tom savoy

    Hey Bobby,

    We are a very simple people. We don’t know about brainwashing. Just write em, and let the folks decide (subliminal for “buy”).


  9. Da.Dempsey.

    After riding with these songs for the last 2 weeks,
    (plowing snow and cleaning cars) I find myself singing this song over and over again in my head.( I guess thats what you want). Out of the 6, this is one of my faves. The arrangement is awesome and there’s a thread that ties it together ’til the end.
    Nice job, I’ll have to learn the chords and do a little harmony next jam. When is the CD release party!!??

  10. tom savoy

    Hey David,

    The song was written with snow plowing in mind. And I am glad it’s hanging in your head. It does in mine, too.

    Thanks kindly.

  11. Joe C.


    This may be my favorite song of all! Nice job!

    Joe C.

  12. tom savoy

    Hey Joe (Where Ya Gonna Run To Now),

    Sorry I missed your comment. Thanks. But I think your favorites might be on the next batch of tunes. Keep on writin.


  13. Diane Wheeler

    very eclectic compolation.

  14. tom savoy

    Hey Diane,

    Just your run of the mill travis picked reggae song.

    Thanks kindly.


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