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Kickin’ A Can


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12 Responses to Kickin’ A Can

  1. Michael Serafino

    Outstanding work!!!!!!

  2. Tom Savoy

    Mikey, Thanks kindly.

  3. Marc Adamchek

    It’s unCANny, but some of the harmony structures sound very much like CSN to me. A lot of good things happening. I think a lot of people will really like this one, but I’m not one of them. Suit up, Hobbs!

  4. Corlene Roberts

    I really like this one!! I keep going back to it.

  5. tom savoy

    Hey Marc, “I have been…everyday”

    Corlene, keep going back to it. We program in new stuff with every listen.

  6. Joe Wolowicz

    I love this song. enough said.

  7. tom savoy

    Hey Joe,

    Where you gonna run to now? I am glad you like it.

  8. Da.Dempsey.

    True words of wisdom. Love the music and the theme is what is needed in this “keep up with the jones’s ” world of debt, debt, debt. Little slang, “two, tree guitars” nice touch. Can’t get the lyrics after “neither a lender nor a borrower be”, even after the nth listen. Another catchy tune that keeps repeating itsself in my mind.

  9. tom savoy

    Hey David,

    The line is “Find some happiness in what you can see. Plain as day, no need to crack any code”. It took me a few listenings to find out what this singer was singing as well. Enunciate.

    What slang?

  10. DH

    Senator: I must say that I like this one the best. Like the overall sound of the song and up beat tempo. I also think that your vocals start to really come out on this one. Fits your register better.

  11. tom savoy

    Hey DH,

    Glad you like. We may be adding electric to that tune soon, and possibly recutting the lead vocal.

    I appreciate the listen and weigh in.


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